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Tracking Missiles and other key assets with RFID


This week ODIN and the NATO community reached a big milestone. The first missile with comprehensive tracking of humidity, vibration, temperature, shock and other vitals was put in transit. This health data is communicated via a proprietary RFID (radio frequency identification) system that the brilliant engineers at ODIN built and ODIN’s RFID software.

Many in the NATO community said it could not be done, the technology was impossible.

The ODIN Engineers said we have RFID software, RFID Physics expertise and the willingness to go where no other engineers have gone before. Now that missile is (as you can see from the picture) moving along America’s highways and byways bound for a ship in port someplace where that data will continue to be reported and logged in. The bottom line is that the Navy and NATO’s Navy will have higher reliability for missiles and significantly (meaning hundreds of millions of dollars) lower maintenance costs when this system gets rolled out to all the missiles in the fleet.RFID tracekd Missile resized 600

If RFID can track items that hold the security of our country in the balance, it can probably track your key assets. Give the brilliant engineers at ODIN a ring or an email and find out more about RFID based asset tracking for your nuclear or non-nuclear weapons, or just for your IT assets (Those are the type of jobs they can do in their sleep!) and while you’re talking to them congratulate the team on their great work for our national defenses. 


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