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RFID Asset Tracking - out of site, out of mind, in the money


Since ODIN’s humble beginning almost a decade ago we have worked for every brach of the US department of Defense and most Civilian agencies creating passive RFID solutions that increase efficiency, speed up audit or inventory functions and provide true asset visibility. That led us to develop some unique asset tracking solutions

One of the things people remark about, and it just happened on a tour yesterday, is the clandestine RFID readers we have deployed at ODIN’s HQ in Ashburn, VA. We’re able to track laptops, binders, weapons and myriad other assets moving in and out of rooms with both custom ODIN Hawk Wings and off-the shelf antennas like Impinj’s small form factor.describe the image

The benefit of installing RFID asset tracking systems in walls and ceilings is both aesthetic and security. An office or data center should not look like a Wal-Mart warehouse, it should look like a “Class A office” that most of our clients have. Visible portals and RFID readers are untenable. Secondarily, some forms of security should be out of site, so people don’t readily think of ways to defeat the system. 

At the end of the day, most of our RFID Asset Tracking Solutions are there so someone can have the “Big Red Button” - push a button and get an inventory report of location and assets with 99% accuracy at any time. This saves millions for big banks and government agencies. But it only takes one instance of attempted theft to be thankful an RFID asset tracking system is there for security and your CIO’s picture doesn’t make it on the front page of the New York Times. That might be worth a promotion to the smart guy who deployed 21st century technology to track key assets!





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