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RFID, Social Media and Facebook


By now most of you have seen the articles and responses from the use of RFID & Facebook at Journal Live to share the event on Facebook and Check-in, Like and even take photos with a chip embedded in a user pass.  It was a home run. The statistics we were able to collect were even more impressive if you are a marketing professional and track this sort of stuff. 

The average EasyConnect user at the show had 162.5 friends. That is 25% more than the Facebook average, suggesting that because they like using “Facebook on Autopilot” with RFID chips or wristbands, or RFID cards, or what ever the medium is, they are heavier Facebook users.

The event had just 2,500 total attendees and because it was not heavily advertised only about 10% used the Facebook registration (lots of people told us they didn’t know about it) yet those people generated more than 150,000 views and page events. The Facebook Photo Booth was 7x more viewed than the average post. That is an incredible multiplier effect.

Marketing professionals will have to take notice of RFID & Facebook because it gives the detailed information that they can’t get any other way. You can go to Facebook ads and segregate by advanced demographics but it doesn’t give you the level of insight knowing what they do and where they do it can give you. Facebook marketing segment RFIDFacebook marketing demographics RFID

Paying $3-5 per click on a Facebook Ad if you are an auto manufacturer has a lot lower return if you are relying on self- reported interests and demo graphics on Facebook, than if you get passionate car goers at an auto show, rally, or race track. The value difference is incredible.

If you are the car guy, getting the right information, and being able to share your experiences (even if you are going 200mph) is the next logical evolution of Social Media. People don’t or can’t take out phones and laptops when they are engaged in events. RFID provides Facebook on Autopilot. 

The success of using RFID tags and chips and Facebook together is exactly why every mobile phone will have an RFID device in it in the next three to five years. The smart companies will be the ones using UHF RFID to get the extended read range, so that guy doing a tet ride at 200mph can have his picture taken automatically and posted to his Facebook page before he gets out of the car. 


Thanks for the great posts. We're proposing an RFID Facebook Integrated campaign for one of our clients and they've asked us to come back with costs. I think it is safe to say that if we purchase 10 000 chips we're looking at around $0.15 a chip. But what about the wristbands and more importantly, the hardware and software programming? Your help will be greatly appreciated.  
Posted @ Thursday, September 08, 2011 5:11 AM by Charl Diener
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