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Consumer RFID applications: Road Racing, Poker, Home Security


This past week was a good reminder of how quickly RFID isRFID Toll Tag Booth moving into the consumer space and few people seem to notice.  There are thousands of articles on RFID use in the supply chain, but other than contactless payments, you don’t hear too much about RFID for consumers.  Expect that to change. 

RFID for Toll Tags and Race Timing

Saturday, my wife and daughter ran a 5k in Reston, Virginia.  We drove to the event along the Dulles Toll Road and my RFID enabled toll tag ensured we didn’t slow down to make our payments.  When we arrived, we affixed some D tags to their shoes complete with a DogBone inlay from UPM Raflatac.  Just as with the toll tag, no one had to slow down to track actual start and finish times.  The old manual systems would have recorded the 50 second longer gun time than the actual time from start line to finish line.  Convenience, accuracy and happier runners: a good mix. 

RFID Powers New Poker Tables

RFID Poker Table Display2Back at my PC Sunday, I saw yet another consumer RFID application:  the Pokertronic RFID Poker Table.  Apparently the playing cards are indistinguishable from regular cards, but each has an RFID tag embedded in them so you can track card values and suits while playing or afterward for analysis.  The Casino Austria Poker Tour is using it this year to stream its Nations Cup final tables over the web.  The manufacturer expects the 6,300 Euro table to be purchased by casinos and events as well as high end consumers. 

RFID Goes Through the Front Door

More surprising was a person I met last week at Data Center World.  He had embedded an RFID chip in his hand and has set up his home door lock with an RFID reader.  No more keys.  He just grabs the doorknob; the tag is interrogated in his hand and the reader unlocks the door allowing him entry.   This is a convenience feature that hits close to home.  I guess it’s not that surprising when you consider the video on how to insert an RFID tag in your hand has over 135,000 views on YouTube. 

A lot has been made of Vail Resort’s new RFID powered EpicMix program and what it could mean for a range of consumer experience applications.  From my vantage point this week, Vail’s program is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to consumer RFID applications.  With Avery Dennison estimated to produce over a billion RFID tags next year, RFID applications are on track toward ubiquity. 

What have you seen in terms of new Consumer RFID applications?  What do you expect to become the next hot consumer RFID application?  Add a comment below.


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